Ecosystem Advisor John Barksdale and BW Global CEO Cathy Zhu with the signed listing agreement for ECO and ORMEUS

John Barksdale, Ormeus Ecosystem Advisor, recently signed a listing agreement with for the listing of Ormeus Ecosystem (ECO) and Ormeus Coin (ORMEUS). is the 3rd largest exchange in China and has over 609,000 visitors per month, according to CoinGecko. Its Telegram English group also boasts 40k+ members.

One unique feature of BW is that it has its own mining pool services which has produced over 300,000 BTC which helps provide better liquidity.

This new listing is an exciting development for Ormeus Ecosystem, in that it will provide new markets and reach for the project. Having both ECO and ORMEUS listed on the exchange will be the first ever time that both will be listed on the same exchange platform.

We will be announcing trading pairs and exact listing dates shortly.