Ormeus Ecosystem Advisor, John Barksdale, pictured with the CEO of BW.com and others for the notable invite-only BW launch event in Seoul Korea.

The Ormeus Ecosystem was honored to be one of the fifty top cryptocurrency projects selected for the invitation to the BW hosted soirée. This event celebrated the launch of the Korean fiat pairing for their platform and was also an opportunity for John Barksdale, Ecosystem Advisor, to sign a listing agreement with BW.com for the ECO token and ORMEUS coin.

This partnership helps strengthen the Ormeus Ecosystem presence within Korea and greater Asia by opening up new markets for the trading of these two Ecosystem foundational tokens. BW supports over nine different language communities, so this is an excellent partnership for The Ormeus Ecosystem to expand its global reach.

Stay tuned for listing dates and trading pairs available on BW.com.