Ormeus ECO joins to-the-moon SUPER Week on BW!!

As If listing on BW wasn’t exciting enough already, here is even more fantastic news for ECO!!

Ormeus Investor John Barksdale and BW.com CEO Cathy Zhu Share the news! ECO will launch on BW.com 27 August 2019 as part of To-The-Moon SUPER WEEK

ECO token will be featured on BW.com’s to-the-moon SUPER WEEK. BW is launching five preferred, high-quality tokens for the first time ever, and ECO is on the list 🚀🚀.

This program is designed to generate higher returns for the recommended project. Prior to-the-moon rounds have seen large participant numbers and gains for those who join in.

ECO goes live for trading on BW.com on 27th August 2019 at 17:00 KST (Korean time).

To find out more about BW’s to-the-moon program, read their tutorial HERE.

The Ormeus Ecosystem is excited about this strategic partnership with such a quality and well-renowned exchange. So what are you waiting for, check out our new exchange listing and be part of this exciting new chapter with us!


Ormeus Ecosystem at Exclusive Invite-Only BW.com Korean Event

Ormeus Ecosystem Advisor, John Barksdale, pictured with the CEO of BW.com and others for the notable invite-only BW launch event in Seoul Korea.

The Ormeus Ecosystem was honored to be one of the fifty top cryptocurrency projects selected for the invitation to the BW hosted soirée. This event celebrated the launch of the Korean fiat pairing for their platform and was also an opportunity for John Barksdale, Ecosystem Advisor, to sign a listing agreement with BW.com for the ECO token and ORMEUS coin.

This partnership helps strengthen the Ormeus Ecosystem presence within Korea and greater Asia by opening up new markets for the trading of these two Ecosystem foundational tokens. BW supports over nine different language communities, so this is an excellent partnership for The Ormeus Ecosystem to expand its global reach.

Stay tuned for listing dates and trading pairs available on BW.com.

Ormeus Ecosystem signs listing agreement with BW.com

Ecosystem Advisor John Barksdale and BW Global CEO Cathy Zhu with the signed listing agreement for ECO and ORMEUS

John Barksdale, Ormeus Ecosystem Advisor, recently signed a listing agreement with BW.com for the listing of Ormeus Ecosystem (ECO) and Ormeus Coin (ORMEUS).

BW.com is the 3rd largest exchange in China and has over 609,000 visitors per month, according to CoinGecko. Its Telegram English group also boasts 40k+ members.

One unique feature of BW is that it has its own mining pool services which has produced over 300,000 BTC which helps provide better liquidity.

This new listing is an exciting development for Ormeus Ecosystem, in that it will provide new markets and reach for the project. Having both ECO and ORMEUS listed on the exchange will be the first ever time that both will be listed on the same exchange platform.

We will be announcing trading pairs and exact listing dates shortly.

Ormeus Ecosystem is excited to share new listings are in the works with Top Ranked Exchange BW.com

BW.com is a leading exchange that is in the top 20 by adjusted volume, according to CoinMarketCap. BW`s strength is bolstered by the full technical support of ZB, one of the world’s largest digital asset exchanges that has historically ranked in the top 10. BW has Telegram support for nine different languages and well-established partnerships with leading cryptocurrency innovating firms.

The new listings include –

Ormeus Ecosystem (ECO) — our new token that will be the ‘gas’ or fuel that supports our entire Ecosystem.

Ormeus Coin (ORMEUS) — our asset-backed cryptocurrency backed by our unique Ormeus Reserve Vault (ORV).

Ecosystem Advisor John Barksdale (center) with BW.com representatives and K-Pop Band Great Guys at the exchange’s recent KRW launch
Ecosystem Advisor John Barksdale (center) with BW.com representatives and K-Pop Band Great Guys at the exchange’s recent KRW launch

Ormeus Ecosystem extends contract with COTI and signs $2.4 million deal

COTI has just announced that Ormeus Ecosystem will be extending their initial technology contract with them for another two years as part of a new $2.4 million deal. This continuation builds on the initial $1.5 million agreement signed earlier this year for the development of the merchant gateway and Point of Sale (POS) system. This partnership is exciting because of the extensive knowledge and experience that COTI’s technology team adds to the professionalism of the Ormeus Ecosystem Project.

The Ormeus Ecosystem will be utilizing COTI for the ongoing development of Ormeus Cash (OMC), which will operate on COTI’s Trustchain technology. In addition to helping develop other parts of the macrocosm, including the ECO token, which will be the ‘gas’ or fuel of the whole ecosystem.

COTI brings a truly revolutionary approach to cryptocurrency and payment infrastructure. This includes their recently announced Universal Payment System (UPS) and Global Trust System (GTS). OMC will benefit from these and other COTI technologies to allow a genuinely global and scalable cryptocurrency-as-a-payment solution.

The Ormeus Ecosystem brings its unique features to the table with its asset-backed ecosystem, and transparent and secure Ormeus Reserve Vault (ORV). This vault holds the assets that underpin and give real-world value to the coins and tokens within the ecosystem. The Ormeus Ecosystem is also developing a fully-fledged asset-backed smart economy that will see a diverse selection of blockchain businesses and side-chains operating under one interoperable cross-chain network.

To find out more about the $2.4 million deal, you can also read COTI’s announcement here.

New Trading Pair: ORMEUS/USDT on Bibox

We are excited to announce that Bibox has added the new trading pair on their exchange — ORMEUS/USDT

This new addition allows even more flexibility and choice in buying and trading ORMEUS. With this new addition over the past few days, it is currently one of the most popular trading pairs by 24hr volume.

You can read about the Bibox announcement HERE.

Link to Bibox.

Ask Me Anything (AMA) Transcript with John Barksdale

Ormeus Ecosystem Named One of 5 Cryptocurrency Projects To Watch on Crypto Times Today

The Ormeus Ecosystem has been named one of 5 cryptocurrency projects to watch in by Crypto Times Today. In their article, not only does the Ormeus Ecosystem warrant specific mention in the title, the publication has this to say about Ormeus:

4. Ormeus Ecosystem (ORME)
This is potentially a huge investment as it looks set to become the World’s First Asset-Backed Blockchain Smart Economy. Ormeus is being coined as an ‘Internet of Assets’, architecturally designed to create an ‘asset first’ approach to global currency and digital life. The core concept is to use assets to stabilize underlying ecosystem currencies and features a series of inter-connected reserve vaults linked to ecosystem owned enterprises ranging from Mining, Banking, Insurance, Agriculture, Energy, Real Estate and Payments.

Price Summary: Ormeus coin (ORME) is the representation of the ecosystem value. It just saw a notable win by signing up COTI.io to build out the blockchain infrastructure. It already has assets backing the coin with an enormous mining pool and royalty payment from its successful algorithm trading business supporting the. price. A rumoured listing on Binance could propel the token higher in the coming months in addition to the launch of Ormeus Cash, (OMC).

We are pleased to see the excitement from those who are following our hard work!

Official ORME Token Swap Announcement: Swap Starts on February 10th!

Dear ORME Community:

Following the recent Cryptopia hack, we have thoroughly investigated available options for keeping our currency safe from the continued fallout from the hack and similar breaches. As a result, we will offer an upcoming token swap to help mitigate any future damage and give our community a fresh start. We are excited to announce a partnership with AirWire to execute a seamless token swap beginning on 10 February 2019.

A token swap is as simple as the concept appears with the creation of new tokens, and switching them for the currently issued tokens. The technical process is of course much more complex, which is why we have entrusted AirWire to securely host this process.

The swap will remain open through 28 February 2019 and will allow ORME holders to send and claim new tokens on a 1:1 equal exchange. The steps have been streamlined for your convenience and outlined below:

Token Swap Steps and Procedures:

1. Overview: On 10 February, ORME’s integration will be finalized and deposits will open on AirWire. Deposits will begin at 2pm Pacific Standard Time (PST).

2. Registration on AirWire: You can register on AirWire and complete KYC to begin the process. The KYC process is completed using a valid government issued ID and a selfie with that ID. A utility bill is no longer needed. It is important to note that your KYC process will remain pending but you can still make deposits onto the platform during this process. In the case your KYC fails, tokens will be returned in full.

AirWire Registration : Be sure to add contact@airwire.io to your permitted senders.

3. KYC Validation: KYC information and ORME coin totals will be accessed by both AirWire and Ormeus for dual-verification. Once approved, your KYC status will change from pending to complete. At this point, you can withdrawal and send/receive on the platform.

AirWire KYC Process — Selfie Time!

4. Issuance of New Token: During the first three steps, Ormeus will provide details of the new coin for AirWire to integrate. Details will not be released prior in order to maintain security.

5. Analysis: Once the final total of ORME tokens deposited is complete, the new token will be sent and matched on AirWire.

6. Claiming Your New Tokens: On 28 February, new wallets will be created and credited on a 1:1 basis for ORME users that participated in the swap.

7. Old ORME Tokens: Old ORME tokens will be removed from the platform after the last step is completed.

BE IN THE KNOW: Support and FAQ Updates Are Here

We thank everyone for your patience waiting for our updated FAQs!

Some questions have been updated to reflect our current status, and many questions from the community have been added.

If there are any further questions you would like to see added to our FAQs, please let us know by submitting a support ticket, emailing support@ormeuscoin.com or posting in our Telegram Community.

As they say, applied knowledge is power and here at Ormeus, we are all about giving YOU as much knowledge and information as we can. That way you can make informed decisions based on a full understanding of our progress and future vision.

Thank you for your continued support of the Ormeus Ecosystem and get prepared for an exciting 2019 and beyond.