We are excited to announce that OMC Go is in BETA testing. The anticipation for OMC Go has been dramatically increasing especially in the South East Asian market.

They’re calling it “O My Cash”, as this is the fastest way to turn cryptocurrency into traditional currency, and vice a versa.

See more in our video update.


Our community is expanding more with every single day.

Due to this big growth, we are happy to share with you that we are transitioning to a larger Telegram Group.

You can join the new group by using the link below.

Make sure you follow our new Telegram Group and attend our upcoming AMA for major updates for the project, so you don’t miss anything.

Thank you for your support!

Watch the video of this announcement HERE


EcoCelium is changing the way we look at finance today. The EcoCelium platform is a place where you can feel safe and secure to keep your assets, while also having the opportunity to earn a great return and grow your assets for many years to come. Please see the full announcement HERE.


The Ormeus Reserve Vault is currently in development. The ORV has been a support mechanism, built like our gold reserve, for our own Ecosystem. This next stage of the ORV will allow us to attach and create interoperability with all aspects of the business including our fully decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). Please see the full announcement HERE.

Integration of OMC Token on XcelPay Wallet!

XcelTrip is proud to announce its partnership with Ormeus Ecosystem – a globally accepted crypto token that is redefining the business-backed blockchain smart economy and the integration of Ormeus Cash (OMC) on XcelPay Wallet.

Please read THIS for the full article.

Ormeus Ecosystem's New Partnership with Xceltrip

We’re listing our tokens on the Xceltrip platform.

Xceltrip and Xcelpay will allow our community to have access to over 400+ airlines and over 1.5 Million hotels around the world.

It allows Ormeus Coin and ECO to be utilized for travel around the world.

You will be able to book hotels and flights on Xceltrip website from 15 June 2020.

Please see announcement from XcelTrip HERE

Ormeus Ecosystem's Strategic Alliance with HyperCapital

Ormeus Ecosystem is excited to announce our largest strategic alliance of our business career, with HyperCapital.

Watch as Ormeus Ecosystem Investor / Advisor John Barksdale introduce us to the HyperCapital Founders, to discuss our new strategic alliance partnership.

Please watch both videos, Part 1 & Part 2

Ormeus Ecosystem - New Mining Building

We are happy to announce our mining partners are prepared for the delivery of our mining equipment.

Please WATCH HERE the first part of a series of videos to update the community on our mining facilities progress.

The Cusp of Revolution - Driving Businesses Digital Economy with the Ormeus Ecosystem!

Bring on the digital economy!

Like the robust economic growth in Vietnam whose policies and support of international business interconnection has created a boom, businesses who take part in the Ormeus Ecosystem will benefit from the world’s first fully-interconnected asset-backed blockchain technology complete with the financial DNA of governance, automatic KYC, and full anonymity via cross-chain and side-chain business to business communication.

Catch up with John Barksdale in Saigon as he gives us an update on exciting new developments for Ormeus ECO, Ormeus Cash and new augmented-reality OMC GO localized offline decentralized exchange.

Please watch the VIDEO HERE

ORME & ECO Are Soon To Be Accepted at XcelTrip, Stayed Tuned!

Pay for your travel with crypto!

Ormeus Ecosystem and XcelTrip are pleased to announce that ECO & ORME will soon be available to pay for services on the XcelTrip website.

XcelTrip is a blockchain-based, decentralized travel Ecosystem!

You can check out their page HERE.

XcelTrip have also been mentioned on FORBES as a top 6 startup flourishing outside the U.S.

This is an exciting development for Ormeus Ecosystem in its vision to create real-world cryptocurrencies that can be used to pay for goods and services.

Features include –
* Over 1.5 million hotels and 400 airlines listed on their site and counting;
* Great rates when paying with cryptocurrency;
* XcelTrip mobile App so you can book on the go;
Supported languages – English, Chinese & Korean.

They are making it easy for you to use your crypto to book your next hotel or flight with them. Plus there are some potentially great savings by using crypto, compared to paying with fiat on the traditional big-name travel websites.

Check them out today and get ready to use ECO & ORME for your travel very soon!!