Ormeus Ecosystem DAO - Buyback bot & DEX Aggregator

Ormeus Ecosystem DAO – Buyback bot & DEX Aggregator

We are happy to start the new month and provide a current update of all developments and testing
related to our ORV3.0 and the DAO itself.

There are two main topics we would like to cover today:

1. Eco BuyBack Bot.
2. DEX aggregator  implementation and ORV plan.

See full update in the video below.

Ormeus Ecosystem DAO ORV Update & Q2 Recap

Ormeus Ecosystem DAO ORV Update & Q2 Recap


As June is now behind us, we are here to provide our Q2 recap for the Ormeus Ecosystem Dao.
We have focused mainly on our DeFi platform and the ORV 3.0 development during the past three months.

Ormeus Ecosystem DAO Technical Update June 2021

Ormeus Ecosystem DAO Technical Update June 2021

We would like to share with you our next Technical Update for June.
In this new Technical Update we would like to giving more information for all Ormeus Ecosystem’s project developments.

Ormeus Ecosystem DAO Technical Update

Ormeus Ecosystem DAO Technical Update


Ormeus EcoSystem DAO Q1 2021 Recap

Over the past three months, our focus has been primarily on the DeFi platform. By having this ready and live for token holders we can now focus more on the finalization and implementation of the DAO and the ORV 3.0!

In that regard we are excited to share the following news and updates:

ORV 3.0

The current ORV upgrade is going as planned, and, when ready, it will go live on the blockchain via a smart contract. This upgrade is critical in providing better support, faster, easier, and more secure systems to complete all the various Ecosystem components which will directly support the project and the tokens.
Each and every token held by the community and token holders have a value linked to the assets in the ORV. Each part of the ORV is an interconnected value to the token and the Ecosystem as a whole.


The whitepaper and the platform itself are well underway in the development phase. The objective of the DAO is to provide a new decentralized business model. Making all financial transaction records and rules visible on the blockchain, essentially eliminating the need for third-party approval, and providing a secure incorruptible digital ledger.
Every token holder is a member of the Ormeus Ecosystem DAO which will be confirmed via an issued governance token while holding a minimum amount of all three Ormeus Ecosystem Tokens. This token allows a member to vote on future project-related topics and directions. The more tokens one user holds, the more voting power they will have in the DAO while retaining the governance token. The minimum number of tokens needed have yet to be determined.

All the updates listed above are already underway and are expected to come to fruition during Q2 2021. Be sure to keep checking back for further updates as we continue to move along with the project.

Ormeus EcoSystem DAO Update

We are excited to share the following news and updates:

OMCGo Platform Development

There are two apps related to OMCGO: the user app and the partner app. The user app is currently under Beta testing, while the partner app is currently under Alpha testing. Once the partner app is moved to Beta testing as well, both apps will connect and start operating together. Once the connection is complete and approved, it will be deemed a completely functional product where we will then release the platform to further users.

ORV 3.0

The continued work on the ORV 3.0 is coming along as planned. We are working hard to build everything piece by piece to ensure its properly secure and technologically finalized. Bringing the ORV live on the blockchain is an exciting and fundamental step for the entire ecosystem and our community. Stay tuned for further updates!

Token Listings

We have been ramping up token listings on various DeFi exchange platforms over the past 6 months. To date, we have applied for Uniswap, 1inch, and PancakeSwap.

BSC Bridge

We are currently working on a Binance Smart Chain (BSC) bridge, which will enable our token holders to swap ERC-20 tokens for BEP-20 tokens. You can also add liquidity in the liquidity pools of PancakeSwap's DeFi exchange.

Ormeus Ecosystem DAO Platform

The Ormeus Ecosystem DAO platform is also currently under development and moving along as planned. Once completed, it will give our token holders more opportunities and rights to share your thoughts and vote.


More info on the DAO and ORV 3.0 can be expected in Q2 2021, keep your eyes peeled!

EcoCelium Christmas Update

There are only a couple of days left before Christmas and a week before our Recap of 2020.

We are happy to share that all current features of EcoCelium are fully working.

A pre-recorded presentation of Eco Token Liquidity Tools and How To Create a Liquidity Pool with Eco Token, will be shared with our community in the week of Christmas.

Please see our video update for further details HERE

ECO Lists on Uniswap and 1inch DeFi Platforms

ECO Lists on Uniswap and 1inch DeFi Platforms

Ormeus Ecosystem has exciting news, as EcoCelium is in the pre-launch phase.

For increased security and protection, contracts were audited by one of the large companies: John Wick Security.

During past week ECO Token was listed not only on UniSwap, but also on the 1inch DeFi platform, having a USDT pair liquidity pool on both.

This is the opportunity of a lifetime, as EcoCelium is the only DeFi platform with a referral bonus structure.

Find our ECO-USDT Pair on Uniswap, by clicking HERE

Find our ECO-USDT Pair on 1inch, by clicking HERE

Watch our video for more HERE.

The EcoCelium pre-launch has now begun!

Welcome, the EcoCelium pre-launch has now begun!

To celebrate this we would like to share with you this amazing video.

You will find out more about EcoCelium, the audit of the smart contracts and the listing of our tokens on UniSwap.

Find our ECO-USDT Pair on UniSwap, by clicking HERE

Ormeus Vault ORV 3.0

We’re pleased to announce that the ORV development is going well. New features and enhancements to the system will be added.

In this presentation we will go over the features and purpose of the Ormeus Reserve Vault (ORV) in greater detail.

This is the beginning of a series with videos that will explain the different components of the Ormeus Ecosystem.

Watch the video presentation HERE