What kind of benefits do you foresee with the HyperCapital partnership?

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HyperCapital and the Hyper group is a conglomerate. They have such an amazing foot print in the cryptocurrency space. Their system will allow us to have access to multiple facets of what they have existing in the marketplace. The exchanges being one of them. They have 13 exchanges that they control completely and they have 20 million users based on all of these exchanges combined. So that gives us the ability, with our relationship working together with them, to start to set our tokens on these exchanges.

It also allows us to be put into their blockchain communities and it allows us to work through their community and the HyperCapital network.

We also won’t have to look outside for technology. We will go and we’ll work through the HyperCapital team to find our quality technology partner and work with some of the people that they have on board already to build out the technologies of the Ormeus Ecosystem in the future.

They are a great strategic alliance for Ormeus Ecosystem.

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