We are excited to share the following news and updates:

OMCGo Platform Development

There are two apps related to OMCGO: the user app and the partner app. The user app is currently under Beta testing, while the partner app is currently under Alpha testing. Once the partner app is moved to Beta testing as well, both apps will connect and start operating together. Once the connection is complete and approved, it will be deemed a completely functional product where we will then release the platform to further users.

ORV 3.0

The continued work on the ORV 3.0 is coming along as planned. We are working hard to build everything piece by piece to ensure its properly secure and technologically finalized. Bringing the ORV live on the blockchain is an exciting and fundamental step for the entire ecosystem and our community. Stay tuned for further updates!

Token Listings

We have been ramping up token listings on various DeFi exchange platforms over the past 6 months. To date, we have applied for Uniswap, 1inch, and PancakeSwap.

BSC Bridge

We are currently working on a Binance Smart Chain (BSC) bridge, which will enable our token holders to swap ERC-20 tokens for BEP-20 tokens. You can also add liquidity in the liquidity pools of PancakeSwap’s DeFi exchange.

Ormeus Ecosystem DAO Platform

The Ormeus Ecosystem DAO platform is also currently under development and moving along as planned. Once completed, it will give our token holders more opportunities and rights to share your thoughts and vote.


More info on the DAO and ORV 3.0 can be expected in Q2 2021, keep your eyes peeled!