How many coins are currently in the Ormeus Coin Vault (ORV)?

You can view the ORV and see the total amount of coins it currently contains by going to our ORV or on on the

When or how will Ormeus Coin release the total supply of 200,000,000 circulating supply?

Never, our buy back model constantly removes coins from the circulating supply. Some coins will be released into supply as per our coin distribution but our priority is maintaining a strong coin value.

What if the Ormeus Coin (ORME) price drops much lower than base price?

In the crypto market no coin is exempt from irregularities outside its control. As an asset backed cryptocurrency, ORME is backed by the assets of the Ormeus Reserve Vault, and if the price drops below base value the ORV will kick in and buy at base price. This feature is known as buy-back.

How is Ormeus planning to bring out the supply to least affect base floor price?

New coins will be released based upon new mining equipment , Crypto industry and the Ormeus Ecosystem growth.

As more coins come into circulation, will it lower the base floor price each time?

Inevitably when new coins come into circulation, the base floor price of that currency will lower, but this effect should only be temporary as market correction occurs.