How does the ORV work?

To get an understanding how the ORV works, please click HERE for an explanation.

When will mining start again?

The panels have now been received at mining location, and we are waiting for the electricians to complete the install.

It is taking longer than first anticipated due to the current lockdowns in affect in certain areas, and the affect on people working, so this is slowing things down, and we will announce any new developments when received.

Why is the ORV so important?

As the new ECO Whitepaper states, "...the ORV is a huge financial brain capable of managing segmented data streams, securing digital currencies and supporting various businesses in the network." It enables us to create and manage value within the Ecosytem so that the system is self-supporting.

Do you have mining equipment agreements with anyone? Or do you own all mining equipment?

We currently own all, but looking for partnerships that can enhance the value of the assets, and we are open to working with other mining companies.

How is the value of the ORV calculated?

ORV rate is the total in ORV divided by the circulation supply.

What is the minimum BTC price needed for it to be profitable for you to mine?

At the new mining location our power cost is among the lowest in the world. This will allow us to mine even if BTC would go to $3,000.

Can I sell my ORME into the ORV for the ORV price?

No, The ORV price is to establish a base value, the trading and mining (note: if we are mining at that time). will continue to purchase the coins off the market until the base value is reached.

Can you explain the buy-back function?

20% of the ORV business will be used to support the ormeus coin market.

What are Smart Contracts?

Smart contracts will provide complete transparency, when money comes into the company, people will be able to see the different amounts of money that go to different areas, for example, you will see which money goes to mining, which goes to trades, which goes to operation and promotion etc. This is helpful for transparency, because usually the problem in many companies is that the owners usually spend the money in questionable areas, and nobody knows where the money is going.

With Ormeus DAO and smart contracts, this will be a game changer and the transparency unprecedented in history with any crypto and mining company.