How does the ORV work?

To get an understanding how the ORV works, please click HERE for an explanation.

Do we have any strategic alliance to help Ormeus Ecosystem grow?

Yes, we have recently formed a strategic alliance with HyperCapital.

When will mining start again?

The panels have now been received at mining location, and we are waiting for the electricians to complete the install.

It is taking longer than first anticipated due to the current lockdowns in affect in certain areas, and the affect on people working, so this is slowing things down, and we will announce any new developments when received.

Ormeus Ecosystem Competitions

We currently do not have any competitions.  Keep an eye on any future announcements.

Official Websites, Products, & Social Media Links

Websites & Products

Official Ormeus Coin Website:

Ormeus Cash Website:

Ormeus Ecosystem Website:

ORME Coin Whitepaper:

Ormeus Reserve Vault - Beta:

Ormeus Ecosystem FAQ:

Feedback Form:

Please click HERE

Social Media

Official accounts for Ormeus Coin currently include the following. Additional official outlets may be added and listed here for reference.

Ormeus Ecosystem Telegram Group:

Ormeus Medium Blog:





Youtube Channel:


John Barksdale is the Advisor/Investor. But who controls Ormeus Ecosystem?

The community and investors do, because a DAO is in the works, so our goal for 2020, is that rules and an engagement timeline will occur.

When will staking be available?

We may have a new exciting staking program when the Ormeus Ecosystem is finished.

What is the Best Way to Contact Support?

Please visit our Official Telegram Group for support.

Alternatively, you may send an email to


Why is the ORV so important?

As the new ECO Whitepaper states, "...the ORV is a huge financial brain capable of managing segmented data streams, securing digital currencies and supporting various businesses in the network." It enables us to create and manage value within the Ecosytem so that the system is self-supporting.