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What is Ormeus Cash (OMC)?

Ormeus Cash (OMC) is an asset-backed virtual currency with a stable price - a new breed of cryptocurrency known as a Stablecoin. The Ormeus Reserve Vault (ORV) acts as a backup for the spendable currency – OMC. In the future, OMC will also be backed by other values such as commodities, property, and medicinal products.

With the new ECO coin, what happens with ORME? How important of a role will ORME have and shall people HODL ORME and buy ECO?

Eco will not only be placed in the ORV to raise the base value of ORME, but 20% of the profits will feed the ORV buy back algorithm.

Who are the staff of Ormeus Coin?

All staff members and their roles at Ormeus Coin can be viewed on our website. Please have a browse through, we have a lot of valuable information provided there including media and support contacts.

Where can I buy ORME coins?

For a list of all the exchanges you can purchase Ormeus Coins, please visit this following link:


We will announce when additional exchange listings and listing activities take place.